GoMMCExplorer v0.5.0

GoMMCExplorer is a PC-based utility for 'exploring' your GoMMC card.
It allows you to add, remove or rename discimages, tools or filingsystems to your GoMMC via a GUI.
The utility works with GoMMC-formatted cards used by the GoMMC made by John Kortink.
And best of all, it's free!

GoMMCExplorer has been tested on W2K Server and XP Pro, but should be compatible with W2K Prof and the more recent versions. So it's not compatible with 95/98/NT/Me, and it probably will never be.


These functions are implemented at the moment.


There's one! Click here, please.

And finally...

You can use it as much as you like, but it would be nice if you could give me some feedback. Please post all comments, bugs, missing functions or whatever to the emailaddress mentioned below.

And, of course, visit this page to check for new versions (or click Help|Check for Updates in GoMMCExplorer).

Dethmer Kupers

Revision history

  • New: Support for W10
  • New: Support for cards >4Gb. Only the first 4Gb will be used due to the 32bit adressing of the GoMMC.
  • Bugfix: Bug fixed where the cache-mechanism didn't work if a diskimage was bigger than the cache-size. Works now.
A few minor things have been fixed/updated during the last years, there may be some work-in-progress. Unfortunately the sourcecontrol broke down, so I couldn't do a diff. If this version is not working for you, please try 0.4.0 (see below).
  • New: Installer now supports Windows Vista
  • New: Support for all GoMMC-supported filingsystems (Experimental, not completely tested)
  • Update: Renamed 'Discimages' to 'Discs/tapes' in the treeview
  • Bugfix: Ordering of filingsystems on MMC-card fixed
  • Bugfix: Rightclick-menu option 'Add objects' was also shown when the MMC-card was not GoMMC-formatted
  • New: Support for UEF Tape-images. GZIPped UEF images not supported (yet), so unzip them first.
    Please test tape-support, as I don't have the modified OS (see als John's GoMMC-site)
  • Bugfix: Watford-DFS update (see disabled the normal Acorn DFS...
  • New: Support for Watford DFS 62-entry catalogue (please test), including support for FS 8/88.
  • Update: tree-actions improved (dragging/dropping/removing)
  • New: Dragging/dropping objects within the tree possible.
  • New: Edit the name of objects in the tree.
  • New: Graphical view of free space. Click on the MMC-usage bar.
  • Update: Some changes in the tree regarding dragging/dropping.
  • New: Finally a manual.
  • New: Hexview of every object.
  • Update: Removed unnecessary reading from the GoMMC - improves performance.
  • Update: Some minor updates.
  • Bugfix: Write-error solved: some .ssd-images were not according to DFS-specs so sometimes GoMMCExplorers buffer was a few bytes too small.
Kind of an alpha-release for checking the memory/write-error.
  • Updated: Add objects redesigned. Rightclick or drop files on the add-window.
  • New: Expand/Squash disc enabled in rightclick-menu in tree.
  • New: Little icons in the treeview. Half-filled icons indicatie squashed images.
  • New: Help|Update checks for updates. Check for startup can be enabled in Tools|Settings.
  • New: Multiple delete, save, expand and squash in tree (rightclick).
  • New: Installing by using Installshield Express.
  • Bugfix: Removed little memoryleak.
  • New: Splitter between left en right part of screen. Window/splitter positions will be stored in the registry.
  • Updated: Remove trailing spaces from disctitle when importing.
  • Bugfix: Error when a DFS filelength = 0.
  • New: Autoview object-details now enabled in Tools|Settings. Prevents a lot of MMC-reads.
  • New: Option to view GoMMC sizes and addresses in hex or decimal.
  • Updated: Some minor UI-changes.
  • Pity: Not enough time for more changes;(
  • Bugfix: Error when no removable drives present on computer (again).
  • Bugfix: Not to be able to close the 'add files' window when no filename was entered.
  • Bugfix: Free space was not calculated correctly (64-448 bytes difference).
  • Bugfix: Error when no removable drives present on computer.
  • New: When the root of the tree is selected ('GoMMC'), some GoMMC-info is displayed in the detail-view.
  • New: If set in the options, deleted space will be re-used.
  • New: Checking valid filenames implemented on all 'filename'-fields.
  • New: Rightclick on a discimage in the tree gives the 'open in emulator' option. Set the path to your favorite Emulator in Tools|Settings.
    The temporary discimage will be saved as 'GoMMCEmulatorImage.ssd' in the Windows-assigned TEMP-directory (documents and settings\user\local settings\temp).
  • New: Dropping directories possible. Directories will be searched recursively and any files found will be added.
  • New: Option in rightclick menu: Refresh tree. Refreshes the tree without reloading the catalogue from the MMC.
  • Updated: File|Refresh is renamed to File|Reload MMC. To prevent data-loss, this menuitem is disabled when there's data in the cache.
  • Bugfix: Default-settings will be written to the registry when no previous registry-settings existed.
  • Bugfix: Several small 'adjustments'.
  • New: Option to 'really' delete objects or use the 'Deleted objects' recycle bin.
  • New: Backup/Restore: implemented to test.
  • New: Option to format the MMC before restoring a previous backup.
  • New: 'Cache Dirty' light (upper right corner). Click to clear cache.
  • New: Some tooltips added (hover to discover;).
  • New: Settings will be stored/read (HKLM\Software\DKS\GoMMCExplorer).
  • New: Checking for available GoMMC-space when adding objects.
  • Improved: Building the tree is now faster.
  • Improved: Optimized caching a bit.
  • Going public for testing.